Writing an arbitration award enforcement

Part II of the article discusses the essential elements and formal parts of the award. Fees and expenses Fees and other expenses related to the arbitration are often paid by the loosing party.

Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article. You can do this by giving the tribunal a written chronology, setting out everything that has happened in the arbitration.

Follow the introduction by a list of details that makes up the agreement that the parties have agreed to bide by. Index everything A common bundle, paginated and indexed, is a valuable tool for a hearing. But sometimes there is no such bundle, and the tribunal uses the papers filed during the course of the arbitration; sometimes additional documents are filed during the hearing which are not in the hearing bundle.

However, it is easy for a tribunal to leave this until the end. In some jurisdictions e. Those are often well established agencies with their own procedural rules and methods. It is crucial for the validity of the agreement to be entered willingly without any reservation and doubt.

An arbitration award would be set aside in case of incapacity of the party to the arbitration agreement, or if the agreement would not be valid, or if the other party would not be notified about the proceeding, or if the composition of the arbitration authority would be violating the governing law, or if the award would not be yet binding, or if the subject matter would not be arbitrable, or if the subject would be contrary to the public policy of the particular state.

The award usually decides on damages and their amount. Choice of law can have significant impact on the arbitration procedure.

Arbitration award The decision, result of arbitration, is called arbitration award. It is better to refer back clearly to the earlier text, and, if you want to highlight certain arguments, do so in oral submissions at the hearing.

Appeals[ edit ] It is sometimes said that arbitration awards are not normally subject to appeal often another reason given in favour of using arbitrationbut that is usually an oversimplification. In proceedings with more than one arbitrator, the signatures of a majority of the members of the arbitral tribunal shall be sufficient, provided that the reason for any omitted signature is stated.

Such a list must accurately summarise the issues, however we have described in an earlier briefing what happens when a list is misleading. If it has not done so, you can do this yourself agreed with the other side, if possible.

The other characteristic of cross-border enforcement of arbitration awards that makes them appealing to commercial parties is that they are not limited to awards of damages.

Ben Giaretta and Michael Weatherley describe the ways in which parties can help ease the burden of writing an arbitral award for arbitrators — making the process quicker, and hopefully earning the sympathy of the tribunal at the same time.

The Washington Convention relates to settlement of investment disputes between nation states and citizens of other countries. The arbitral proceedings are terminated by the final award.


It is a mandatory arbitration if parties decide to resolve their dispute through arbitration beforehand and if that is clearly and without doubt stated in their arbitration agreement. Disputes are then decided either by a sole arbitrator, or by an arbitrational tribunal consisting often of three arbitrators.

The award is one of the most important reasons parties engage in arbitration.

How to Write a Letter of Arbitration

Relegating the award to an afterthought, and allowing the hearing preparation. overview of the arbitration: here the tribunal sets out what has happened in the arbitration.

This demonstrates to a court at a later date (at the enforcement stage, or if there is a challenge to the award) that the procedure has run properly. YOU WON THE ARBITRATION.


Arbitration Law

By Matthew H. Kirtland. under the applicable law; and (7) recognition or enforcement of the award would be contrary to public policy. Post-Confirmation. Upon the conclusion of successful confirmation proceedings, for both domestic and international.

An arbitration award (or arbitral award) Enforcement of Arbitration Awards the award must be in writing and signed by all of the arbitrators assenting to the award (dissenting minority arbitrators need not sign unless the parties agree that they must). The award is one of the most important reasons parties engage in arbitration.

Relegating the award to an afterthought, and allowing the hearing preparation, presentation and management to become the prime. The place of arbitration is of legal significance in that it identifies the procedural rules governing the arbitration, which is applied for certain purposes when an application is made to set aside the award or for recognition and enforcement of the award.

Writing an arbitration award enforcement
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